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We are one of the leading lawn care services providers in Long Island. Our vision is to provide all our clients with excellent services in an eco-friendly and sustainable manner. To do so, we combine our specialist knowledge and decade-long experience in the field. We provide fully-customized solutions for all your lawn care needs, based on your particular situation.

“Above all else, we are relationship-builders, committed to nurturing long-term partnerships with all our clients.”

Prioritizing our relationships over our bottom line allows us to deliver exceptional care for your property, resulting in a beautiful landscape all year-round.


GreenTech was founded in 2019 by Shawn Rathjens and Jenel Russell. Our motivation in creating this company was the growing need for professional lawn and tree care services in the East end of Long Island. Not only was there a severe need for such services, but there was also a serious lack of providers who offered sustainable solutions.

As professional landscapers, we recognize the need to safeguard the environment for the future. As such, we set out on our mission. That is to not only deliver excellent landscaping solutions, but to also protect and nurture the environment while we’re at it.

We also wished to prioritize client satisfaction above all else, so we made our programs adjustable to each person’s needs. Everyone on our team was handpicked with these objectives in mind. So, our clients can rest assured knowing they have a team of highly skilled professionals working for them.

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We offer a wide variety of services to meet all our clients’ landscaping needs. Whether you’re looking for residential, condo, or estate lawn and tree care, we’ve got you covered. All our programs are tailor-made to your specifications, so no need will be left unfulfilled with us on your team. Here is a quick run-through of all our services.

Lawn Care Programs

Long-term and consistent seasonal care for your lawn keeps it looking green and healthy throughout the year.

Tree and Fruit Tree Care Programs

Treat your trees and fruit trees to the care and attention they deserve. We’ll make sure your trees are safe and thriving all year.

Tick and Mosquito Control Programs

Don’t let these tiny nuisances find a home on your property. Our experts are experienced in dealing with these common disease spreaders.

Moles and Voles Control Programs

Protect your fruits and plants from these common pests with GreenTech. We know just how to make them abandon your lawn and go elsewhere.

Organic and Hybrid Solutions

Save the environment and see your property look better than ever with our organic and hybrid solutions.

Deer Control Programs

Let us remove these intruders in a professional and humane manner, ensuring that your lawn remains in pristine condition.

Deep Root Fertilization Programs

Reinvigorate the soil under your tree to keep it happy and strong. GreenTech knows exactly when and how to carry this out, so reach out to us!

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