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GreenTech Lawn and Tree Services – reach out to us for mole and vole solutions today!

So, the plants in your garden are mysteriously dying, huh? Don’t start questioning your ability as a caregiver just yet. If you’ve been attentive and thoughtful, chances are you’re not the problem. In fact, if we’re right about this, you’re probably too good at taking care of your garden.

Where are we going with this? Well, look around your property. Do you see holes at random locations? Depressions in the ground? Volcano-shaped hills littering the land? We suspect you might have a pest infestation.

Don’t worry just yet though. As with all things, there are solutions to this problem too. You just have to know who to call. Lucky for you ,with us in your corner, you have nothing to worry about.

Let’s learn a little bit more about our little rodent friends. Just to see what we’re dealing with here, and why it’s a problem.


Voles on the other hand are herbivores. They are small rodents with small partially visible ears who love to gnaw away at plant roots, stems, and crowns. These rodents also have a taste for the seeds and bulbs of flowering plants. This is normally why they pose such a threat to garden and lawn owners. No plant is safe when a vole is nearby. They also reproduce quickly, with the average female giving birth to several litters a year. So, if you have a few to deal with now, soon there will be too many to handle.

Moles are insectivores who live underground, eating worms, insects and other grubs. They have elongated snouts, small eyes, and no visible ears. Unlike voles, moles are not concerned with your precious plants and shrubbery. All they care about is finding food underground. That doesn’t mean they don’t cause damage. The structural damage to your property means that the plants that grow there.


Worried that there might be an infestation in your yard or garden? Here are things you should look out for:

Signs of Moles

  • Raised ridges or surface-level tunnels

  • Deep tunnels, at least 10 inches deep

  • Volcano-shaped hills across your yard are characteristic of mole infestation

Signs of Voles

  • Runway of eaten grass

  • Surface level holes at random locations

  • Damage to plant roots, bulbs, and crowns.

  • Damage to flowering plants seeds and bulbs.


There are many ways to deal with mole and vole infestations. If you plan to handle it yourself, there is already a lot of advice available online. Most of it is not very effective. Some can even be dangerous if handled by a novice.

It’s always better to consult professionals, like us, who can take care of the problem for you. At GreenTech, we have a team of experienced pros that provide safe and effective mole and vole removal. Call us at 631-996-2348 or use the contact form on this page to receive a free quote today!

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