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We practice the most effective watering procedures for the trees growing in the Long Island area. Watering your landscaping flowers, shrubs, and trees is essential to their health. An excellent tree irrigation maintenance and care program like our irrigation services for tree care will not only include the required deep and thorough penetration of the surrounding root region of trees but will also allow it to dry properly between irrigation rounds, ensuring that the root system is not too wet nor too dry.

At Greentech, we would be glad to speak with you further about the fundamentals of tree irrigation maintenance.

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When it comes to establishing an irrigation maintenance program for your trees in the Long Island area, you should trust only the best. Our tree care specialists are experts in developing a tree irrigation management plan that is tailored to your landscape's specific watering requirements. Furthermore, we recognize the significance of respecting, protecting and conserving water through judicious water usage, which will improve the health of your trees while lowering your water utility bills.

Installation, Repair, and Maintenance of Drip Irrigation System.


In the sunny Long Island climate, our irrigation systems can deliver the consistent and predictable hydration that your landscaping and grass require to grow. If your plants aren't growing despite having a drip irrigation system, you may need professional help.

Greentech's professional installation, repair, and routine maintenance of your irrigation system will keep your plants healthy and prevent wasted water and vegetation. We can install suitable water-saving tree irrigation systems for your property or maintain existing systems so you can enjoy the benefits of automatic watering regularly.

Water Management

Incorporating water management strategies on your land supports healthy plant life by addressing soil conditions and optimum water supply based on the scientific relationship of plant-soil-water. Water management by Greentech for tree care has several cost-cutting advantages in addition to healthier plants.

Combined Expertise in 

Tree and Plant Healthcare


Greentech understands the particular water needs for residential and commercial properties, using our combined knowledge in tree and plant health care and irrigation systems to help you minimize water usage and expenses while maintaining your landscapes green all year.




We handle all forms of lawn and tree irrigation systems at Greentech.


Contact us today to learn how simple it may be to bring fresh water where it's required in your landscape, whether you need a whole drip irrigation system built and installed or an upgrade of an existing system.

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