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Tired of Deer intruding onto your property? Are they making a meal out of your favourite plants and shrubs? Worry not! GreenTech has you covered. Just call us at 631-996-2348 and find out how we can help.

Deer have long dominated our imaginations as peaceful and harmless creatures. While that is generally true, they can be a nuisance to people with yards and lawns. If a deer frequents your property, chances are that it has found something delicious to eat.

Get in touch with a professional today, and take care of these pesky intruders. By doing so, you ensure that all the effort you committed to growing and nurturing your plants, doesn’t go to waste.


It’s true that deer are peaceful. If you leave one untended on your lawn, you won’t suffer any critical injuries. Despite this, it is important to remember that they’re still animals. If you choose to ignore a deer wandering around your property, you may notice the greenery slowly disappearing.

Here are some common problems that deer bring to your property:

Exposed Soil

Deer often dig up lawns with their hooves in search of grub. This can result in patches of exposed soil all over your property, reducing the overall greenery.


Eat plants and other shrubbery

Deer love to feed on anything that grows in your garden or lawn. They are keen browsers and will go through several plants in one feeding. They are especially dangerous to ornamental plants.


Winter feeding

When food is scarce during winter, deer are most active in suburban lawns and gardens. Even though they may find anything, they will cause all kinds of damage in their search. The worst part is that you won’t know until much later when the snow melts to expose your property in disarray.


Carry ticks

The average deer carries at least 200 ticks. That’s an alarming number. Even if you were okay with the feeding, the ticks could create further headaches down the road.


Are you wondering how you can tell if a deer visits your property? At GreenTech, we have years of experience dealing with them. One inspection is all we’ll need to determine whether or not you need deer control.

Our deer control veteran will look for common signs such as:

Signs of bedding

Scrapes on tree barks

Deer droppings on the property

Branches with missing leaves

Plants partially chewed

Tracks on the land


At GreenTech, we understand that people want humane solutions. As such we offer several services that alter the landscape, making it unappealing to any deer that may wish to visit. Our services for deer control include:

Year-round organic and artificial deer repellent sprays

Seasonal repellent spraying (Summer and Winter)

Planting deer repellent plants

Building obstacles like fences (mesh, permanent and temporary) around certain areas


Deer are a growing nuisance in many areas due to overpopulation. It’s only natural that you wish to protect your property from these intruders. Reach out to the pros at GreenTech to take care of the problem for you. No one understands the depth of the problem like us! So, call us today at 631-996-2348 and receive a no-obligation quote, completely free of cost.

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