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A beautiful, lush lawn and a thriving garden not only improves curb appeal but may also boost the value of your home and make it a more delightful place to be. Greentech has all of the equipment and experience needed to handle the irrigation on your property so that your lawn and trees get the best results possible.

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Properly istalled Irrigation systems will keep your lawn and garden looking great. Your grass, trees, and garden may struggle to get the right amount of water if you don't use sprinklers and drip irrigation.

You can leave the hard work to the smart in-ground irrigation systems Greentech installs every day. Greentech’s irrigation systems can reach even the most remote and inconvenient areas of your lawn.

You can ensure that your lawn receives the nutrients it requires by using the same lawn sprinklers to disperse the fertilizer. At Greentech, we make your life easier by providing the following irrigation services for lawn care.

Lawn Sprinkler Irrigation System

When all is said and done, your lawn will only look as nice as your lawn sprinkler system allows. That implies that if your sprinkler system is poorly built, your lawn will most certainly suffer. Rather than getting frustrated, you should take the help of our experts!

For your home landscape and lawn, we can create a personalized sprinkler system for you. Our irrigation treatments are tailored to your lawn's specific characteristics and specifications to ensure optimal efficiency and efficacy.


Are you interested in learning more about our sprinkler and drip irrigation services in Long Island? Get in touch with one of our lawn maintenance experts

at 631-996-2348.


We will assess your lawn and provide you with an accurate quote for our irrigation services. After that, we'll start working on a unique strategy for your property.

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