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Is your lawn looking less than its best? Maybe you’ve been managing it all yourself. Maybe you hired someone else to do it for you with less-than-ideal results. Either way, there’s no need to compound your mistakes. Pick up the phone, and call us today!

why choose
greentech lawn care?

Nobody understands lawn care quite like we do.

Here at GreenTech, our team of experts knows just how important a beautiful lawn is to you.


The professionals on our team are committed to making your lawn the envy of your neighbors.

Superior Knowledge

Our experience in the field allows us to identify issues with your lawn before they even crop up. We plan year-round to ensure that your property is as healthy as possible. We know exactly what kinds of nutrients the lawn needs and when it needs them. Any issues that arise are dealt with promptly.

Tailor-Made For You

Our programs are not the one-size-fits-all type. We carefully consider the needs of your property, the requirements set forth by you, and your budget. Then we plan a program specifically designed to meet those needs. This allows you to get maximum value out of your property.

Team of Specialists

The people on our team are not your everyday gardeners. We offer unique and comprehensive knowledge, combined with a decade of experience as applicators. These factors make us more than qualified to maintain a lush green lawn for you and your guests to enjoy.

Sustainable Solutions

Not only do we offer excellent lawn care, but we also provide organic solutions as well. We know the damage that artificial chemicals can cause to the environment in the short and long term. As a result, sustainable practices are a priority for us.


To facilitate your lawn care needs, we offer a wide variety of services. These include:


General lawn maintenance

We conduct regular inspections of your property to ensure everything is in order.


Lawn Fertilization

We know just when to provide the soil with a blast of nutrients. This ensures that the soil is fertile, and everything that grows in it is healthy and vigorous.


Weed Control

We remove any weeds that may be sucking away essential nutrients away from your precious plants.


Organic Solutions

We make sure that the materials being used are eco-friendly, keeping your health and safety in mind, as well as protecting the environment.


Pest Removal

We get rid of pesky pests such as moles and voles that may have decided to reside on your lawn. This protects the plants on your property, as well as ensuring the long-term health of the ecosystem.

These services are a total solution to all your lawn care needs. Doing just one is simply not good enough. With GreenTech lawn care services you receive complete landscape management.


If you’re looking for lawn care services in Long Island, call us at 631-996-2348 or use the contact form on this page to receive a free quote today!


Once we’re on the job, you can sit back, relax, and let us enhance nature’s beauty.

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